Some useful Trent SN things for you to download:

Logos & Graphics

Trent SN logo

trentSNLogo.png (386KB) - A high resolution version of the Trent SN logo. Available in Fireworks PNG format. At 300dpi it is suitable for high quality printing.

Also available as 72dpi versions in three major image formats:
trentSNLogo-loRes.png (173KB)
trentSNLogo-loRes.jpg (69.4KB)
trentSNLogo-loRes.gif (24.7KB)

Clothes Graphics (736KB) - The official graphics for the Trent SN hoodies, t-shirts, etc. Includes a breast graphic and two alternative back emblems for dark clothes (black) and lighter clothes (royal blue).

Available via the ZIP pack, or as individual graphics below:
clothesGraphic-backEmblem-forBlack.png (259KB)
clothesGraphic-backEmblem-forBlue.png (255KB)
clothesGraphic-breastEmblem.png (271KB)


Highland Gothic

The Scout, Explorer and Network official font. Also used in our logo for ‘Nottingham’ and ‘Network’.

Century Gothic

Used for the ‘TrentSN’ part of our logo, and also in a number of places on this website.